DOSSIER: Raft Nepal - The Lesser Himalayan Rivers

Rafting in The Trisuli

Rafting in The Seti Khola

Rafting The Trisuli and The Seti rivers is a thrilling and fun inclusion to a great Himalayan holiday. 

Like all true Himalayan rivers they have their origins in Tibet.  They forge routes which contain them within the gorges that they themselves have formed over the eons until they adopt a more meandering style, perfect for whitewater rafting, through valleys of terraced farms and small hamlets.  Like every river in Nepal, they are revered as 'Ganga' for they will soon spill out onto the Indian plain to merge with the wide, muddy, sluggish Ganges.  

Both the Trisuli and the Seti fit well into Annapurna trekking, as well as Chitwan and Bandipur itineraries, with best use of time and even reducing total road travel.

The Living River -

The raft’s complement is no more than eight.  The helmsman, a whitewater expert skilled in reading the river; calls for the paddle power that manoeuvres us accordingly – how quickly this inexperienced boatload of landlubbers becomes a proficient crew…fact that soon proves valuable!  Meanwhile, perhaps there’s little else to do but stretch out on this expensive airbed, adjust the hat to the right degree of shade and watch the scenery float by as we glide on a lazy course down river.

A deep muffled sound ahead creates a different mood; life jackets adjusted, helmets buckled,

paddles poised:  action stations! Aligned, the raft joins the tumult of whitewater.  The ‘run’ is through the rapid’s churning heart, the river wrestling us for control, before we again reach  the flat water some 200 metres or so beyond.

Ours are the famed sherpas of the river; natives from all four corners of Nepal steeped in river knowledge and extraordinary skill.  Exceptional individuals in any situation – but utterly in their element in wild tempestuous white-knuckle H2O.  Safety uppermost always.

Rafting in the Lesser Rivers

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