DOSSIER: Also at Home Elsewhere in the Himalaya

Vignettes of Tibet
Tibet on shoestring
The High Road from Lhasa with The Backdoor to Everest
The Sacred Passage to The Center of The World


Demographically Nepal is the result of powerful ethnic influences from the Ganges Plain of India and from the Trans-Himalayan civilisations that have roamed the Tibetan Plateau. With these forces came an innate dynamic for movement. The real story of the Himalayan passes is the story of migration. Therefore at Himalayan Encounters our terms of reference strongly reflect this.


Probably the best way to enter Tibet is via the pass from Nepal, for the journey of a thousand kilometres to Lhasa best explains – or at least questions – the ancient and the modern of Tibet. Somehow the north face of Everest is the appropriate metaphor for seeing just about everything from a different point of view, while the utter magnificence of Lhasa’s Potala Palace-Monastery poised here on the roof of the world is mind-boggling.

Monks and monasteries and sky-high lakes and vast spaces, and a world that was once the back of beyond are now thrust into the service of a current-day super state.

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